Monday, February 11, 2013

J's new favorite things

Mom commented that there have not been many good (or many at all) pictures of little J man recently. Part of it is because he loves our phones and I try to stay detached from it as much as possible (it's the easiest camera to grab, however). Part of it is because he moves too fast and we can't get pictures that aren't blurry. Here are some shots from the last few weeks of Jackson doing what he loves:

Lounging in PJs all day, eating cheerios on the couch (although this has to stop as we begin to encourage him to eat in the kitchen only)

Assume a deep squat position to play with dinosaurs

Stay naked after a bath and read books on the floor. He grabbed some Berenstein bears and I thought we were finally going to read some new books, but alas, it was very temporary. We're back to "Spot's First Christmas", "Dr. Seuss A-Z" and "Brown Bear Brown Bear". He is definitely a reader and it makes me so excited to exchange many kids books at the library each week. 

 Story time with dad. He really loves when dad reads Dr. Seuss A-Z and likes to see if dad can keep up with the fast page turning!

 Playtime with Lincoln

Trucks, Cars and Airplanes. 

Reading, in every room of the house, all the time. Some new ones we love: Dancing Feet; Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime; 10 Fat Turkeys; Tumble Bumble.  

 Lizzy Kay Sabin, his new favorite friend. They play together in church nursery and have frequent play dates at our houses. She pats his head, gives him hugs and he shares snacks and pushes her in the wagon. What a gentleman. We hope that Jackson will choose to date such kind girls when he gets older.  

Bathtime! Bring on the splashing! J loves trying the grab the water from the faucet and playing with his boat bath toys.  

With all the happiness also comes one of Jackson's new favorite things, throwing tantrums. We have had to do time out several times so far and are talking through other disciplinary actions that will be part of our household.  He is a pretty easygoing child but he really tends to fall apart at meal times, all of them, every day. A little bit of thrashing and crying in the pack n play never hurt any child, so that is where he might spend a considerable amount of time in the coming months. Stay tuned

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