Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Friends

I keep mentioning my friends Mary and Val because I am so grateful that I am walking through motherhood with them. God put them in my life at just the right moment to be such an encouragement and now we are starting to see that our kids are becoming friends as well. We have "silent J" as we now call him, so he just waves and grins when he sees his buds. They call him Jackson! :) It's precious.

We also babysit for each other back and forth when we have appointments or other things to attend to. Here are some pictures from our recent playdate/babysitting afternoon.  
Sofi enjoying the rocker
it's hard to get many pictures of Ellie because she moves too fast!
These two are little balls of energy!
Best friends
Haha, I know! Isn't that so funny?! 
Sharing a snack
And lest we forget J's true best bud, Lincoln. Jackson's new favorite skill is opening the door (once I turn the handle) to let Lincoln in and closing it behind him. He has even figured out how to move out of the way so he doesn't get knocked over!  

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