Monday, December 10, 2012

We're back!!

It's been a while! Because Jackson is such a photogenic baby, I've reached my capacity for picture storage and have been sorting out other options. I'll continue blogging here for the time being. 

We spent Thanksgiving at the Byrne's house, enjoying a fun day of family and friends. The highlight was meeting Max, the newest addition to the Byrne/Speasmaker holiday gatherings. He is the cutest little guy (well, second to Jackson, as we are quite partial to our little man) and was so well behaved the whole night! It's fun to see all of our friends become parents and get to be in the lives of their children from such an early age. 
Grandmother takes a break from all the cooking
enjoying snuggle time with Granddad

Catching up with Lou
 Then it was our fourth (?) annual Friends Thanksgiving in Hatteras! We managed to make it down there (courtesy of the Dozier's amazing Ford truck...I am not into cars/trucks, but this was an awesome machine) during low tide in a 4WD vehicle. It was pretty sad to see the destruction that Sandy brought, especially since it was picture perfect for our trip this October. The first year of our trip there was one baby and now we have 6 and twins on the way! My, how things have changed, for the better. We are so grateful for Ross and Hannah's generosity to share their beach house, for Caroline's bacon stuffing, football, walks on the beach, fishbowl, and for a weekend of doing nothing with amazing friends.

Jackson and Susu learn to share

Reading Brown Bear for the 35, 000 time that day :)

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