Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here

We started our Christmas festivities with a Speasmaker/Byrne brunch on the 23rd at Beth and Matt's house. The whole gang was here again this year (Joel and Caroline, Dan and Jill, Leya and Brock with Max and the whole Byrne crew). We devoured a delicious brunch prepared by Beth and enjoyed catching up and playing with the little boys.  Both Max and Jackson did well with all the attention! It didn't hurt that Jackson napped from 9-11:15 and missed most of the commotion! Jill got the boys coordinating hats which we managed to get on them but snapping a successful picture was  quite the task! 

Then we had the Byrne Family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning since we were leaving town that afternoon. Jackson had no idea what to do with the wrapping paper, boxes or toys, but he happily bounced from lap to lap, toy to toy and enjoyed all of the activity.  JB and I were proudly sporting our Surf Hatteras sweatshirts (the most comfortable sweatshirts ever) and we got one for Matt to enjoy. Ross should think about hiring us to do some marketing :)

 Jackson got a lot of mileage out of many of JB's old toys, including this old pretzel tin filled with legos.  I can't believe that he is old enough to manipulate legos and start to build with them. our little boy is growing up and I can't wait to build things with him! He took some of the legos that are shaped like brushes and started to comb his hair :)

 Another favorite toy was a 6 pack of root beer...the simple things in life

playing with Granddad
 What a special day with special people!

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