Monday, November 26, 2012

Sofi's 1 year old bday party!

We had so much fun at Sofi's first birthday party. Val sets the bar high (luckily we already had our party because I can't compete with this one!). She made home made play-dough which smelled delicious (ask Eli how it tasted), and yogurt finger paint in various neon colors. Notice how nicely the other moms are dressed. I know my child and I was right to dress in icky clothes because both of us were covered in cornstarch yogurt about 1.5 minutes into finger painting! We had a blast playing with bubbles, balloons, banana bread cupcakes and if you look, there were two other BOYS at this party!!! Jackson has some boy buds despite all the evidence that proves otherwise. And I am incredibly blessed to have so many new friends through Val.

J holds on with both hands to Val's homemade cupcake
In other happenings, Jackson has been to the polls 3 times in his short life, which is almost equals the times I have voted :( I am better now, I promise! We took a 5:15 am run which ended at the polls at 6 where we froze our booties off for 30 minutes (only 30 minutes!) to get inside. I was slightly disappointed that no one offered us a spot inside while we waited but that is what blankets are for. He then went back to the polls 4 hours later with dad. 

Who thought giving Pad Thai to a finger-feeding 1 year-old in a nice sweater was a good idea?
Finally, Jackson's newest game is peek-a-boo but he is the one who hides. It makes me realize how ridiculous I look when I play with him. 

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