Sunday, September 30, 2012

11 month photo shoot

Each time I do one of Jackson's month photo shoots, I have more and more respect for baby photographers. We were so impressed with Trisha because she spent 4 hours photographing Jackson when he was 6 days old.  Then we had Val do some pictures of Jackson (which I am now realizing I completely forgot to post!) which were such a blessing. Each month, I have tried to keep a tradition of getting shots of him in the rocking chair so we can see how big he is getting. At first it was easy, when he was one month, three months, or even six months and he just sat there or played with his feet. As the months progressed, the shoots have increased in difficulty, usually requiring both of us, one to guard him and one to take the photos in the rare moments when he is sitting still.  
I attempted this shoot by myself since JB was busy finishing up his last month in the ICU (and his last month of being on call, EVER!!!!). Here is what we came up with! 
playing hide-and-seek/tag

yup, this is why we are exhausted every night! 
Reading about vegetables...why won't he eat them?
he loves to share
Telling me a story

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