Thursday, September 20, 2012

the bathtub

We have had a great week even though little J is sick with a cold. Man, that kid can produce a lot of snot! :) Our big boy, with 8 teeth, has started walking with a push-toy around the downstairs and outside. He hasn't quite figured out how to avoid running into furniture or how to turn around yet but it's cute to watch him try.

J decided to take his first few steps the other the bathtub. Seriously, I think this kid is going to give me a heart attack! He keeps me on my toes that's for sure.

And it wouldn't be a normal day in our household without a wrestling match.  We have to fight him to get a diaper on, get dressed and most of all, use the snot sucker. No matter how enticing we make all of these activities, he still doesn't want to participate in any of them!

Jackson still doesn't have many sounds but he sure can say a lot with the sounds he does have! He has mastered 'dada' but not in reference to Dad yet. He loves 'ay-ay-ay' and has really started to sing using how good vowel sounds.  His first word, if you can call it that, is 'arf arf', in honor of his best bud, Lincoln.  He also learned how to wave bye-bye and I'm pretty sure he can also sign 'all done' in his high chair!
I think he looks so grown up in these clothes! 
The Blowfish. between J and Link our front door is a mess! 
Hanging out at the jogger after a morning run
up close with the tiger!

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