Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jackson is 1 month old!

Our little cuddle monkey is 1 month old and it's already hard to imagine our lives without him. He has changed so much in his short life and has gotten big already, weighing in at 11lbs and 2 oz. He is 75% weight, and 95% height (23 inches).  His head circumference is also 95% - smart baby!  We love to take advantage of the fact that he fits so snuggly on our chests and in our arms. Will there be a day when he is not this little? Don't let it come quickly! Even though he keeps us awake each night, he makes up for it with his little eyebrow raises, his pouty lips and his super cuddly body. 
 Cuddle time in Heather's bathrobe while we watch TV and he snoozes
 Oh my goodness...this face, those lips.
 He's way more alert now during the day. This is Jackson after eating (love that HUGE belly!!!). We love to play on our backs and work on focusing on objects and moving his head. Jackson is so much better at focusing on our faces and hands. He's not much into toys right now, but that day will come!
Jackson and I discovered the greatest invention ever...the baby bjorn. Now, I can type emails and do dishes at lightning speed since I have two hands! We cleaned the house together on Monday....well, one of us napped while the other one worked like crazy!  I was at a friend's birthday party (happy birthday Doug) while 8 1/2 months pregnant and there were 4 dads with bjorns Jonathan can join in and the girls can go have some fun!
Having a PT for a mother must be hard work, but this face only shows pure joy! We LOVE having tummy time together to get his neck and back muscles strong.  Instead of flailing his head like he did at first, he can now lift it fully off the ground and turn it towards the other side. He can even hold it up to make eye contact for us with about a minute. Atta boy! We are so grateful that Jackson is a baby who likes tummy time...makes it a more pleasurable experience for all of us. Lincoln (the pathetic dog who thinks he has been forgotten) tries to get involved as well which makes life a little more difficult, hairy and covered in drool.  During tummy time on Monday, Jackson even rolled onto his back by himself! At this point it was purely accidental, but we love to see glimpses into what Jackson will be doing in the months to come.
 Happy 1 month birthday to me!

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