Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sow Bug

I just finished reading "Operating Instructions" by Anne Lamott. It was a thoughtful, humorous book about her son's first year of life. I found that she could say things much better than I can (maybe because she is a professional writer?) and they perfectly describe Jackson. 
"When he's on his stomach, he'll suddenly sort of sag forward in a rolling motion because he wants to move but he can't quite keep his head up. It's some kind of precrawling thing, and it makes him look exactly like a sow bug. I mean that in the nicest possible way."

This is Jackson's new thing. He gets on his stomach and wants to move but his head plows into the floor. He has enough strength to lift it but can't figure out that he must coordinate leg movements with a lifted head in order to move forward.

Well dressed baby, courtesy of Aunt Dwyn. Will she also pay for the tuition if he goes there? :) 
Jackson is sitting for short periods of time by himself! He also grew dreadlocks in the last week ;)  
his favorite face this week
We got an old mirror down from the attic and he loved looking at himself, or that baby in the mirror
All dressed for a walk with Ellie

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