Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rachel is 1 year old!

Sweet 1 year old Rachel. You do get sweeter as the days go by and we continue to love you and your brother more and more.  You love life. You smile all the time and want to be involved in everything. Your idea of a toy is the remote, floss or a door that can be opened and closed.  You started walking on September 9th and look like an old pro now. You speed around the neighborhood following the kids or Max, the cat. You love climbing stairs, chairs, the dining room table...yes, you will be our concussion/broken arm child. 

Your hair is long, blonde and thick and you will keep a pony tail in for about 5 minutes. We're trying to keep the hair out of your eyes so you can see but you seem to dislike hairbows of any type. You love to wear dresses, tights, jackets, and you're getting used to real shoes after you wore holes in 3 pairs with soft soles. You have 8 teeth and appear to be working on your molars because you are fiercely chewing on your tongue on the right side of your gums. 
You still adore Jackson and love when he plays rough with you too. He really looks out for you, except for when he is stealing your snack or stuffed animals. You are a trooper when it comes to holding your own with Jackson and enduring scrapes and bruises outside from then uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood. Several seconds of crying and you're off and running again! 

You have a serious booty dance whenever you hear a good beat and usually sing along when you hear music. You do pretty well in church nursery and at the gym and, knock on wood, have so far missed a true separation anxiety phase. we know we're not out of the woods, but at this point your brother had already been through 1 long-lasting phase!
We finally found a food you don't like...canned spinach. I mean, can we blame you? I forgot to get the measurements at the last doctor appointment but you're up to about 21 pounds (no longer our 25 percentile baby but up to 75% now) and you are averaging 50% height and 75% head circumference. You are a little anemic (my bad!) but seem to be managing just fine so far. 
You talk all the time, which is such an interesting change from your brother. We never got to hear babbling and are just eating it up. I LOVE to hear you talk since it sounds like you know exactly what you are saying even though it's complete jibberish to us! You sleep from 6pm until about 6:45am and nap at 9 and 1pm. Thank you for being a good sleeper :) We are eternally grateful. You love other kids your age but don't have a ton of time to spend around them yet. You love to cuddle, with your favorite times being pre/post nap and before bedtime. You rag-doll yourself over our shoulder and nestle your head into our neck. You'll easily spend 10-20 minutes on daddy's lap after nap time. You also learned how to give kisses this month and it's the sweetest thing ever. 
You are very curious and already know how to get into trouble. We have had to scold you for a few things like biting me and touching outlets and you have cried more than you do when you scrape your knees. You do understand the word 'no' and recently have been pushing the boundaries with us. You love to give us a sweet smile and go right back to doing what you're not supposed to. Oh dear...I forgot it started so early! 

We had your birthday party on October 3rd with 13 family members. You enjoyed all the attention but also had some restful moments on the shoulders of grandparents. After a good dinner it was time for the cake smash. You were surprisingly cautious about touching the cake. After several minutes, you started to touch it and then ripped it apart with your hands, squishing it, putting some on your belly, offering some of it to Grandad but not eating any of it. Again, another complete surprise! I thought you would totally be my sugar girl but I might be wrong. 

With no coaxing on my part, you have some traits that are typical girl. You have a girly shriek when you don't get your way; you whine like I do; you love necklaces and you immediately started to carry these present bags around like you had just left the mall. On the other hand, you love to be incredibly dirty and play with trucks, trains and planes with Jackson. We love you, Rachel. We can't wait to see who you continue to become and are so glad to have you in our lives. 

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