Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rachel, 1-2 months

Life gets busy with two kids! Here is a little of what Rachel got herself into last month...

Pastor Ben and Ms. Breann (aka Ms. Ben as Jackson calls her) cooked dinner for us and stayed to dine and enjoy a fire pit. It was good food, better company and someone else's sweet arms to hold Rachel. 
R was flexin' for Dr. Dean during her 1 month appt.  
Tummy time is never fun for Rachel but Link sure loves to be part of the action, especially if it means he gets to lick up some spit-up.  Gross.  
Family snuggles on our bed before bath time. Love.
This shirt is totally unrepresentative of her. It should say, "Cheeks for days, sleeps all the time, calm and smily when rarely awake".  
We were blessed with so many handmade items including this hat from Kristi. 
She is already stealing Jackson's cute clothes! 
Rachel did her first 5K, the Harbour Lights on November 22nd. We came in top 4% for all women and top 10% overall! Not bad for her first race.  I think she's as natural. 

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