Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Early December

I have no creative titles for my blog posts.

Here is what we've been up to in early to mid December!

Jackson is very handy with tools and wants to be part of everything. He and grandad fixed the loose door on the entertainment table so it stays closed!! He loves to help JB start the grill, mow and rake the yard and he desperately wants to use the power drill. 
This is an adorable hand-made sweater from Laurie, one of BBs friends. Isn't she the cutest???
I finally made it over to the Byrne's house with both kids last Saturday morning. It was quite the production to get this picture but we managed somehow! 
We got to participate in a Fun Run, hosted by Mike and Blair for the Grizwolds Give Back charity they started this year. They raised money to provide Christmas trees, decorations and gifts to over 30 families in the VA Beach area!  
It was Rachel's first time visiting my work and we happened to come on tacky sweater day. What a treat to see all the bling on Tony's sweater and to get some snuggles with Michelle (who is the best with kids and totally entertained both of my kids while we were there!) I miss the people at work but I don't miss working at all right now. I am just so in love with my role as a stay-at-home-mom and wife for my two precious kids and wonderful husband.  
Post-bath tummy-time and baby massage. She smells so good :) 
J has made some huge physical leaps in the last few weeks. He suddenly sees the world as a jungle gym. Couches need to be walked on like a tight rope; tables are meant to be jumped off; banisters are for climbing. He tries to avoid touching the ground in our house, sliding and climbing from couch to table to stairs, to chair, etc.  Climbing this tree has presented problems for him in the past and he could never seem to get past the first 'rung' like Luke and Katie. However, I glanced over the other day and found him (higher than this prior to the picture) way up in the tree. I felt a huge mix of fear and pride. I can hear JB's ER Doctor voice of reason saying things like, 'broken arm, concussion, trip to the ER...' Then, while holding Rachel with one hand I had to get him down with the other, as he still does not know how to climb down a tree yet. 
The "Beach Girls" went out to dinner at 328 Tequila the other night. I love this group of women and am so encouraged by our time together. What a great start to the whirlwind week of Christmas activities.  
We broke out the bumbo for miss cheeks this week and she loves it. She can last for a few minutes before her little neck muscles get too tired and she needs a break. It's so fun to see her sitting and watching herself ham it up for the baby in the mirror.  
J wanted to be part of my warrior series the other day :)  

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