Saturday, September 28, 2013


 In early September we spent a few days in Williamsburg with mom and dad. Jackson loved being with Nah-mah (Grandmom) and Bop-Pop (Pop Pop) and gave them the names that they love so much :) Grandmom is still holding out until he can say 'grandmom'.  We played in the perfect kiddy pool, ate pancakes every morning, read books, went shopping, lounged around snuggling and playing lots of hide-and-seek.  

 We spent a warm morning enjoying Colonial Williamsburg, where Jackson and Bop Pop investigated crushed shells. We found the most beautiful garden and lavender soap as a small souvenir. 

 Playing in the shackles and on the slide 

 In other news, J is starting to like the potty more every day and official potty training may be right around the corner. Since he is only a two year old boy, we are not planning anything right now but I am going to buy some pull-ups when I am out just in case we decide to do potty-training bootcamp! He loves his mini-marshmallow that he gets each time he makes a valiant attempt at going potty.  
We said a sad goodbye to our dear friends Val, Jimmy, Sofi and their new addition, Lilli. They are off to new things in Raleigh (hooray for a new job, Jimmy!) but we are going to miss them terribly. Val and I met when she was in the pew in front of me at church and we were both very pregnant. She walked a sweaty 7 miles with me on October 21st, the day before Jackson came! She has captured our little family with sweet photos and has been such a support to me in these years of being a new mom. We are so excited for your new life in NC, Val and team, but know that you always have a place to stay when you come back to Norfolk! 
Sofi taught J how to give hugs
J (not a climber), Eli, Sofi and Jordan
 I have had the pleasure and joy of so many amazing mom friends with due dates in the several months surrounding Jackson. Now, many of them are onto having their second (congrats!!!) and their first (yippee, Anna!). I realized that these amazing women are all military wives and in addition to Val, the rest of them will be moving away soon. I am so sad to lose the proximity of these women and their children but am grateful for the time we have spent together and how well they have loved Jackson. 

watching a cement mixer pour a driveway
the beach in the fall
 J picked out a beautiful Mum and Taylors the other day. We planted it and I asked him to, "Please water the mum". He proceeded to water my feet :) silly boy!
 Beth and Matt had him for a few days while JB and I were off running from Charlottesville to Williamsburg (more on that later) and they enjoyed lots of fun days at the Botanical Gardens, taking walks, playing with friends and just loving life with the grandparents! 
 I am still trying to come up with little creative Montessori activities for him to do when we can get enough "focus" time during the day. A few days ago we learned about big and small bottles and how to use a funnel.  

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