Thursday, September 12, 2013

Byrne Boy trip to Massachusetts

This Summer all of us Byrne Boys (JB, Jackson, and Grandad) hopped on a plane and ventured up to Massachusetts to see family.  We were nervous that Jackson wouldn't do well on the plane, but boy did he prove us wrong!  He loved walking through the airport, looking at all the airplanes, and sitting in grandad's lap.   We got to see Aunt Dwyn, Uncle Kenny, Grammy, cousins Tom and Joe!
Aunt Dwyn showed Jackson how to collect eggs from the henhouse, he thought it was so cool and he only broke 50% of eggs he collected, which is still a pretty good rate of return for a first time egg picker.
Jackson also got to drive a speedboat around the lake!  As you can see this took the utmost concentration and focus.
Jackson also finally got to meet his Great-grandmother (aka GG or Great-Grammy) and they had a blast playing cars.  It took a while for J to warm up to GG, but eventually they became good buds because she spoke Jackson's language- cars and blueberries.  
Whew, what a fun trip, we did so much and were so glad to see the Dubinskis and Grammy, it was worth a nap on Grandad's lap on the flight home.  

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