Sunday, December 20, 2015

Springfield Visit with William!

Although I wish it was under better circumstances, we got to visit with our entire family this November. My grandfather, Pete McKay, passed away on Veterans Day, November 11th after several weeks in the hospital for abnormal blood work. Thankfully, he was in high spirits and surrounded by visitors, family and friends during that time. We had a chance to face time with him the day before he passed and express how much we love him and are thankful for his service to the Lord and the witness he was. 
Because we have hope in Jesus and the promise of Heaven, the service was a joyful time of celebrating his life. Yes, we are sad on earth that he is no longer with us, no longer at Christmas gatherings or there to sip coffee and chat. But, he is now celebrating in heaven with Nana as well! 

We also got to celebrate unexpected time with Matt, Chase and William, who is growing so quickly! He's such a sweet boy, always exploring, never sitting still to read a book, wary of hugs from girls (we can hope that lasts for a while, hehe) and a great eater and sleeper. 
nose smooshing is genetic with my two kiddos 
uncle matt and rachel
rachel goes in for some aggressive kisses!

Matt and William
dancing cousins

Grandmom and William

I have the most handsome nephew!

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