Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Rachel Virginia Byrne! (updated Oct 4)

We are so happy to announce that Rachel finally arrived today at 3:10pm
Heather was induced this morning and then in the afternoon we got to meet baby Rachel
She weighs 9 lbs. 3 oz and is 21 inches long
She has blond hair, typical blue/gray baby color eyes, and has an affinity for milk.  She is as of yet undecided about the swaddle.
She is loved by her mommy, daddy, and big brother Jackson
She was knit together in her mommy's womb by her loving and faithful God
here are a few pics (we only have access to ones on the phone currently)- many more to come I'm sure!
Thanks to everyone for your love and support over the past 9 months
much love,
JB and H

October 4th update: here are a few more pics to enjoy, we're getting settled in our first few days at home, hoping for more sleep in the future!

I love mom

first bath

now there are four of us!

so many fancy hats

happy hour on the front porch- drank too much milk I guess

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  1. She is beautiful! Both mama and baby. :) And Jackson looks like a very proud big brother.