Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Jackson decided to skip his nap on Halloween, making for an interesting afternoon of "No. I don't want to" attitude.  After rejecting the dinner I made (chili and corn bread, yum), J and I headed over for a quick pasta dinner at the Mazzio's house, thinking that other kids could convince him to eat. Nope. He played with toys for a while and then we scurried back to our house where BB and Granddad were eating some chili with Jonathan.  It was wrestle mania to get Jackson dressed in his costume but we managed to do least 3/4 of his costume. Granted, I don't know what 2 year old would be excited about wearing a really cozy lion costume when it was 78 degrees outside, but come on kid, you have to know that Halloween is all about the parents :)  During the whole, 'My kid is screaming as I try to get this darn costume on him' process, I almost bagged Trick Or Treating and put him to bed but I'm glad we didn't go that route.  

I mean, isn't he the cutest lion ever??
Even lions get their second year molars and need a little soothing. 

not sure about this whole process....
 We missed the official group photo but caught up with the kiddos before heading out. We had Yoda, the Little Mermaid, a pumpkin, scarecrow princess and two light-up princesses.  
Jackson soon became a Trick Or Treat pro, confidently walking up to all houses, even scary ones, and taking some candy. We worked on "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" the week leading up to Halloween but he never talks around strangers so it didn't quite happen like we planned, but maybe next year.
 After an hour of fun and candy, we attempted a family picture which looked a little like this....


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