Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dreaded Black Line!

Bummer. I tried to fight against it. I tried to stop it. But alas, I got the linea nigra, in my mind the dreaded black line of pregnancy! So, instead of hiding it I've just decided to be a belly-baring-beach-goer for the rest of the summer and really enjoy the last 7-ish weeks of having this baby belly! Plus I would love a little summer glow on this growing belly of mine before Dave Rathbone takes some maternity pictures for us (Thanks!!!)  This is the day after Hurricane Irene in Virginia Beach (wearing running shorts as we were unprepared for such a gorgeous day!)
Other body joys of pregnancy....people pointing out my new outie, which one of my baby books calls "The Proud Badge of Pregnancy".  I thought about covering it with tape or a band-aid and then realized that was so much work and why do I need to care about having a temporary (at least I hope it's temporary!) outie? I will embrace it as a way of reminding me that I have the blessed role of growing our little boy, Jackson and that he is just BURSTING to get out into this world, as evidenced by my stretching abs, bulging umbilicus and little black line.

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