Friday, August 19, 2011

Jackson's first baby shower

On Sunday, August 7th, my good friends in Norfolk hosted a fabulous baby shower for Jackson! We felt so loved and are excited that Jackson is going to be surrounded by so many amazing family and friends. We were showered with amazing gifts, practical, cute, homemade and funny. It's hard to believe that Jackson is going to be around to use everything soon. His book collection is growing so quickly, which we are very grateful for. Mom and dad brought a whole box of my childhood books, and some of our friends and family (thanks Beth!) have given us classics that we are going to treasure with our little guy.  
 Jackson Banner
Bonnie (an amazing seamstress) and the rest of the hostesses stayed up all night making these cute favors filled with chocolate. Check her out on Etsy (Barefoot Bags)
 So glad to have my Virginia Beach friends (2 brand new moms, 1 new mom of her third and another mom-to-be with her 3rd!).  I have a great support system and Jackson is going to have an amazing play group.
 My mom, who made it down for the whole weekend and broke her left wrist while helping us with yard  work. She even continued to work after she fell, not quite knowing if it was broken or not. Hope I can be as amazing as she is one day.
 There was a onesie decorating station, complete with buttons, paint and iron-on fabric to make the cutest new clothes for baby Byrne. We can't wait to dress him in his home-made outfits!
 My community group in Norfolk, and the hostesses of my shower. Kim, Bonnie, Lisa, Emily, Breann and Catherine. Thanks so much for a great afternoon!!!
29 weeks pregnant with Jackson Thomas Byrne. Getting ready to meet him soon! Thanks to Aunt Karen for the great maternity clothes to keep me looking cute as my belly gets larger!

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